Instant Sun-dried Noodles & Spaghetti

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Non-fried, non-fat noodles at its simplest form unlike the common instant noodles containing large amount of additives and fat. This healthier option of instant noodles are made to replace the current instant noodle selections.



flour, starch, salt


Instant Sun-dried noodles and instant spaghetti are our latest products. There are revolutionary products in this field.

As described in the name, these products are very convenient. They have mobility as instant noodles have, but instant sun-dried noodles have less fat. In fact, the production process doesn't have any fat(oil) added.

When noodles are ready, you could found that the texture of noodles is like you just cook a bowl of noodles using boiling water.

The most exciting thing is that it only takes 5 mins to cook it instead of 15 mins.

After your noodles are ready, just put in some seasoning or sauces and then enjoy your meal.

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Cooking instructions

  1. Bring 300 ml of water to the boil
  2. Put the water inside the cup
  3. Wait 4-5 minutes and eat


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