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Somen is a Japanese noodle made from selected flour, which gives it a chewy and smooth texture. It can be cooked quickly without becoming mushy, and is delicate and easy to digest. Somen is also free of artificial additives, preservatives, and bleaching agents. This vegan noodle is suitable for vegetarians and people who want to maintain a healthy diet.


Somen is made with only selected wheat flour, water, and salt.


Somen is very thin and chewy due to the tough and sticky gluten found in wheat flour. It's perfect for the summer as it can be made into cold noodles, which taste refreshing when consumed. Cooking Somen only takes 1-2 minutes, making it a fast and easy meal option. Somen has a less salty taste compared to general vermicelli, and is chewier.

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Cooking instructions

Boil water properly, put the noodles into the boiling water, and stir gently with chopsticks. Wait for the noodles to float up, then scoop them up. Add various condiments, sauces, and seasonings according to your preference.


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